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Break Out Escape Rooms reward you with the ultimate team building experience for your company or group.

Regardless of your group’s size or physical ability, you’ll work together to solve fun, challenging clues & puzzles to escape before time runs out! Our four games can accommodate up to 30 participants at one time. And with back-to-back games, we can accommodate groups 2 or 3 times that size.

Escape room games are the perfect team-building experience for groups:

  • Everyone contributes and works together toward a common goal
    • Collaborate and make decisions as a team
    • Use communication and problem-solving skills in fun, innovative ways
    • Discover your team’s strengths and maybe also some weaknesses
    • Foster team spirit with a thrilling, exciting event that everyone will be talking about long afterwards
    • And it’s way more fun than bowling!

We’re here to help you plan a great event!
Contact us today. We’d love to have your group at Break Out Escape Rooms!


Admission Prices

For each regular participant

Cell phones and any form of camera are prohibited! Lock boxes are available while participating in a game.

*Click here to read the waiver and concerns for those with health issues.

Admission Prices

GAME  – THE CLINIC Mon-Thur: $30.00 Fri-Sun: $35.00 per person  
GAME  – DAY OF THE DEAD Mon-Thur: $30.00 Fri-Sun: $35.00 per person
GAME  – ANCESTORS Mon-Thur: $30.00 Fri-Sun: $35.00 per person
GAME  – LAIR  Mon-Thur: $30.00 Fri-Sun: $35.00 per person

*Minimum participants per game is 2

Price for Private Game

Private MON/THU: $110.00 FRI/SUN: $130.00 2 people
Private MON/THU: $135.00 FRI/SUN: $155.00 3 people
Private MON/THU: $160.00 FRI/SUN: $180.00 4 people
Private MON/THU: $185.00 FRI/SUN: $205.00 5 people
Private MON/THU: $210.00 FRI/SUN: $230.00 6 people
Private MON/THU: $235.00 FRI/SUN: $255.00 7 people
Private MON/THU: $260.00 FRI/SUN: $280.00 8 people

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